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Marine Board : The Ultimate Marine Building Material


King StarBoard® was the first building material developed
specifically to withstand the constant punishment
of the sun, water and weather in harsh marine
environments. Only King Plastic Corporation offers a
complete family of specialty marine-grade materials
which are designed to be used together for a perfect
color, texture, thickness and flatness match.

King Colorboard®             Standard Colors
• White/White                    • Sanshade
• Arctic White                     • Dolphin Gray
• Seafoam                           • Sea Pearl
• Black                                 • Light Gray

Specialty Colors
• Cruiser White
• Fish White
• Stone Grey
• Suede

Not always in stock, but can be
produced quickly to match common
specialty colors.

Premium Speckletone Colors
• Ivory Speckletone
• Ivory Essence
• Black Speckletone
• Tan Speckletone

Note: For absolute color matches, contact your
King StarBoard® distributor for a sample.

            Standard Sheet Sizes

Gauge (in.)  Weight (lbs./sheet)    Sheet Size (in.)
   1/4                     45                     48” x 96”
   3/8                     67.5                  48” x 96”
   1/2                     90                     48” x 96”
   3/4                     135                   48” x 96”
     1                       180                   48” x 96”
   1-1/2                  240                   48” x 96”

Standard Colors





Mocha Brown



Dolphin Gray

Starboard Color

SEABOARD® ENDURABOND® Polyvinyl chloride,
PVC, is one of the most popular plastics used in
building and construction. PVC provides a modern
alternative to traditional materials such as wood,
metal, rubber and glass, The advantages include;
lighter weight, less expensive, easy to fabricate and
resistant to water and chemicals.


ENDURABOND ® features a course surface which
provides optimal adhesion characteristics, and the
product is engineered to have high screw retention.


ENDURABOND ® will not rot, warp, rust, delaminate
or splinter.

Available in 48” X 96” sheets in thicknesses from
¼” – 1-1/8”.


Choose from exotic textures: Rotary
Brushed, Hammered, Orange Peel.

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